Hi, I am Anton 👋

A professional Designer that loves crypto

I’m a professional designer with 10+ years of experience of working on: Web sites, Logos, Branding, Desktop & Mobile apps and more.

About Me

I am Anton. A. For the last 10+ years I’ve been helping various clients from different industries with their design needs. From corporate to startups I’ve worked with clients from all over the world to achieve the level of experience I have with my design and communication skills. 
I’ve been interested in crypto since 2016 and I’ve since then worked in a couple of startups involved in blockchain.

If you’re looking to scale up your business and need design services but don’t want to pay with fiat money I’m your guy!

I Accept:
Bitcoin Logo
ethereum logo

Graphic design

Anything that involves visual design from print to digital.

bradning and Logo design

Design and Consulting for startups or established businesses.

Web Design

Full on product websites, landing pages or promotional websites.

UI / UX Design

Desktop & Mobile app UI & UX Design and Consulting.

Social & Micro Content

Visual microcontent and infographics for social media posts.

And more

How I work?

I’ve been working with clients from all over the world for the past 10+ years providing high-quality design services. Since I started being interested in crypto I’ve also started accepting it as a payment method for my work. So the way I work is:

  1. You get in touch and we discuss the project and how I can help.
  2. I design whatever you need and provide you with my wallet details.
  3. After you approve the designs I send you all the needed deliverables.
  4. You send over the agreed upon amount of BTC or ETH to the wallet.

I'm looking for long-term clients & partnerships. So don't hesitate to get in touch

need help with your project?

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